A cautionary tale

So, I sewed up the quilt top, pieced the backing and cut the wadding to size. Then it was just a case of basting it so it all stayed in place while I was quilting. A simple task surely?

The trouble with a double bed sized quilt is that you need a double bed sized space to lay it out in and my office doesn’t have that. My first ingenious idea was to lay it out over the bed in the bedroom and baste from there.

This was a failure. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that until I’d already basted the whole thing. The backing wasn’t stretched taut enough so when I started quilting, I ended up with creases and wrinkles sewn in. I gave up for the day.

Yesterday I spent the first hour unpicking all the previous days efforts to start again. This left me feeling so despondent that I thought I’d treat myself to a trip to Hobbycraft for a browse. I was really well behaved and didn’t buy anything but spent a happy half hour having a mooch.

Returned home and went for basting mark II. I knew I’d have to tape the backing and wadding out to have any chance of getting it tight. The only big enough floor space was the lounge so after some furniture rearranging, I prepared my layers by masking taping the backing and wadding to the carpet.

I’m a sucker for any device that claims to save you time. This means I’d invested in a microstitch basting gun. It fires small tacks through the layers to hold them together and is allegedly much faster than pinning.

So off I went, firing tacks left, right and centre. Five minutes later, *snap*, I’d pressed too hard and broken the needle. So back to Hobbycraft I went to buy some quilters safety pins. It seemed I was going to have to pin baste after all.

Everything was finally going to plan. I pinned the centre and started working out. I was over halfway there, on the home stretch when… I ran out of pins. I thought the 150 I’d bought would be more than enough but clearly not. Back to Hobbycraft I went yet again. By this point the staff were viewing me rather suspiciously (what sort of person visits a shop three times in as many hours) so I paid for my extra pins and fled.

By the time I’d finished it was 8pm and dark but it was done. A task that should have taken me an hour took more like six. I am filing this under “it’s done, now let us never speak of it again”. It just better be taut enough this time…