In progress

Despite my promises to myself that I’d update this at least twice a week, I’ve not quite managed. Amazing how time runs away when you’re enjoying yourself! I’ve been busy locating and booking fairs for over the summer as well as learning about tax and allowable expenses from HMRC.

Still it hasn’t stopped me getting on with a new project. It’s another quilt again using fabric picked up when I was in Vegas. I’m using the pattern Polka-Dot Parfait by Cotton Way with the fabrics as pictured in the design (Bliss by Moda).

I’ve sewn all the blocks up and trimmed them to size

For some reason mine have ended up at 9″ square rather than the specified 9.25″ but I suspect that’s more to do with my dodgy sewing than an inherent pattern error.

Then it was a case of laying them out to decide on the pattern. Trouble is my floor wasn’t quite big enough but it was enough to get the idea. I always find this part quite fiddly, making sure that identical patterns and colours aren’t next to each other. It’s always hardest doing the bottom row as you’ve only got a few blocks left and it’s difficult to substitute them as it wrecks what you’ve already done. Still, I’m pretty pleased with the overall result.

Now to get the rows sewn up and then connected together before adding the borders. I’ve also got to decide what pattern to quilt it in, I’m really not sure yet.