Hey Baby

At the beginning of April I am going to become a sort of aunt as my boyfriends sister is having a baby boy. This has provided me with the perfect excuse to create. First up, a crib quilt. I used this design on Moda Bake Shop as the starting point and the 10 Little Things fabric line also by Moda for most the fabrics. I then picked a few coordinating child friendly prints from my stash to complete it.

The first blocks:

photoTwenty blocks later and I was auditioning to find the perfect layout. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a design where you have all the inner blocks pointing in different directions!


As you can see I still hadn’t quite got it right at this point!

I chose to use a dark grey for sashing as I thought it would show up marks less than white or cream and then added another border of a grey truck and car print. I decided to also do a pieced back to make a truly reversible quilt.

Quilting in progress:


I quilted in the ditch on the front of the quilt and used a blue variegated thread on the back to add interest.

The finished front:


And the back:


Finished size 33″x41″. All ready to wrap up and give away.


In progress

Despite my promises to myself that I’d update this at least twice a week, I’ve not quite managed. Amazing how time runs away when you’re enjoying yourself! I’ve been busy locating and booking fairs for over the summer as well as learning about tax and allowable expenses from HMRC.

Still it hasn’t stopped me getting on with a new project. It’s another quilt again using fabric picked up when I was in Vegas. I’m using the pattern Polka-Dot Parfait by Cotton Way with the fabrics as pictured in the design (Bliss by Moda).

I’ve sewn all the blocks up and trimmed them to size

For some reason mine have ended up at 9″ square rather than the specified 9.25″ but I suspect that’s more to do with my dodgy sewing than an inherent pattern error.

Then it was a case of laying them out to decide on the pattern. Trouble is my floor wasn’t quite big enough but it was enough to get the idea. I always find this part quite fiddly, making sure that identical patterns and colours aren’t next to each other. It’s always hardest doing the bottom row as you’ve only got a few blocks left and it’s difficult to substitute them as it wrecks what you’ve already done. Still, I’m pretty pleased with the overall result.

Now to get the rows sewn up and then connected together before adding the borders. I’ve also got to decide what pattern to quilt it in, I’m really not sure yet.


Little and Large

When I said I didn’t want it to be another 18 months before my next quilt was finished, I didn’t realise it was going to be a few days! I’ve been working through my ‘to sew’ pile of things that I’d mostly finished and it included these:

These, and several others, have all been made from one layer cake of something or other by Moda that I can’t remember. The baby quilt is quarter of a layer cake so 5″ squares and the mini is a sixteenth of the cake so 2.5″ squares. They’re both backed with fleece to make them extra snuggly.

They were an experiment in using an allegedly speedy method of quilt making from a book called 90 minute quilts. A lot of time is saved as they are self-bound using the backing fabric. It took me a bit longer than 90 minutes, more like 3 months if you include the time sat on my desk but if I hadn’t got distracted half way through though, I could definitely complete one in an afternoon.

Close up shows the quilting detail, going through both diagonals of each square.

Finished size of mini quilt is 12″ x 16″ and the baby quilt is 24″ x 36″.