To do

Thought I’d make a list of my works in progress in the hope it inspires me to finish them!

  • Funky crochet blanket using the Babette pattern from Ravelry. I’m using Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply yarn in 12 colours so it’s going to be stunning. Completed the 50 two round squares this morning, just all the others to go and then the small matter of sewing it all up. My Ravelry project page is here.BAkecoTCcAAuIbS.jpg-thumb
  • Color Affection scarf. I’m doing this as part of my knitting groups January KAL (knit along). I’m really getting there with this, nearly finished all the striping, just got the final colour band to do. The trouble is with nearly 400 stitches, it takes rather a long time to do each row!
  • Double bed quilt. I have the top finished, I just need to baste it in order to start quilting. The trouble is, it’s 85″ square so it’s hard to find anywhere big enough to do so! I think I need to commandeer the bed for the purpose but it’s going to be a big job. As for moving it all under my sewing machine… We’ll just have to see how it goes.
  • Baste, quilt and bind a lap size quilt which has a beautiful feature butterfly print with gold highlights.
  • Lap quilt for my brothers girlfriend. This is a commission that I’m actually getting paid for so has pretty high priority. I have all the fabric ready to go, just need to finalise the design and get started.
  • The last 3 months blocks for the quilting bee I’m part of. I’m shockingly behind so really need to get a move on.

With all that to get done, I suppose I’d better get started!

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